Trust, Commitment and Security in Agricultural Services

A company that challenges the future because it is accustomed to growth.


From Monte Maíz, projecting ourselves beyond the region

With 30 years in the sector, we specialize in grain and oilseed storage, the sale of agricultural inputs, laboratory services, and primary grain production. We prioritize quality and comply with the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to our activities and products.

  • Mission

    To position ourselves as one of the most important Collection Centers in the interior, through innovation and continuous development.

  • Vision

    Generating cutting-edge technology solutions for the field, seeking quality and excellence in our customer relationships.

  • Values

    Reliability, Solvency, Innovation, Quality, Human Capital, Social Responsibility and Environmental Responsibility.

Our Company

Our Main Services

Complete solutions for your business. Discover our main services and take your company to the next level.


At Morel Vulliez, we produce, source, select, process, and export peanuts. We produce peanuts in partnership with a large number of growers. We select and process peanuts to make confectionery peanuts, blanched peanuts, and roasted peanuts for both domestic and international markets. We export peanuts, consolidating markets in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Agronomical Input

We sell a complete range of pesticides, fertilizers, and seeds, providing comprehensive advice to our clients

Collection Plants

Our company owns two facilities in Córdoba, Monte Maíz and Isla Verde, which have a total capacity of 45,000 metric tons for storing cereal


We partnered with Sancor Seguros, the number one company in their field, to improve services, security, and trust for the producer


Grains are fundamental for the production of food, beverages, and animal feed, as well as for commerce


Our laboratory is composed of experienced professionals who perform seed, soil, and water analysis

Associated Planting

We offer efficient and profitable associated plantings with top-level advice and supply of agro inputs

Monte Maiz Subsidiary

Sucursal Monte Maíz

Monte Maiz Plant

Planta Monte Maíz

Isla Verde

Acopio Isla Verde

La Carlota

Sucursal La Carlota


Sucursal Ucacha


Sucursal Canals


Sucursal Arias