We are Morel Vulliez

With 28 years of experience in agriculture, we produce, industrialize and export peanuts.

Our mission


High quality standards

It is our priority to guarantee the safety of the products that reach our customers. For this reason, we apply rigorous quality controls allowing us to respond to the demands, trends and preferences of the international consumer. We certify food safety standards such as BRC, HACCP system, Good Agricultural Practices (BPA) and Good Manufacturing Practices (BPM) as well as ISO 9001 standards.

We produce High-Oleic Peanut

Argentine quality to the World

Our Products

Raw Peanuts

38/42 | 40/50 | 50/60 | 60/70 | 70/80 | 80/100

Split Raw Peanuts

Blanched Peanuts

38/42 | 40/50 | 50/60

Blanched Split Peanuts

Roasted Peanuts

Peanut Paste

Chopped Roasted/Blanched

2/4 | 2/6

High Oleic Peanut

Our HIGH OLEIC PEANUT offers a higher stability against oxidative processes and it presents the quality of keeping its quality nor flavor for a considerable longer period of time.
The production is managed according to the Integral System of Traceability, which keeps the full history in each stage, obtaining a HIGH OLEIC PEANUT of great remarkable quality among the international markets.
Our production process ensures an excellent quality from the responsible soil management, the planting, the technical follow up, the harvest, the storage, and industrialization to the final consumer.